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We are always one
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h.o.t split with SM not offering three members any contracts

S.E.S disappeared with one member at a time from activities followed by a notice saying that the group was no more

Shinhwa left SM together, fought in lawsuits with SM, and are still in lawsuits due to SM-created issues that…

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the saddest thing is that we were literally the happiest full of life fandom a few weeks ago when all 9 of them signed and we were in for a decade of snsd and it’s like it’s done a massive spin and now we’re the saddest most heartbroken fandom :(

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In the latest breaking news, Jessica has finally broken her silence after posting on Weibo and released an update to the media in the form of a letter. 

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I’m going to be depressed all day at work about the whole Jessica situation, and the worst part about it is I won’t be able to explain it to anyone there. No one there would understand how serious this is.
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